VP of Operations / Finance / Sheryl Sandberg

Oslo, Norway · Operations



Memory is not your average Norwegian company. We work tirelessly because we have a need build something bigger than ourselves. To create something important. Just like you want to. You know who you are. Now we're after 30 people just like you.

In order to fulfil this mission, Memory is looking for an exceptional individual to come on board as VP of Operations / Finance / CEO-when-the-ceo-is-not-there. It's a difficult job to explain, but we're looking for a Sheryl Sandberg to Mark Zuckerberg. Or a Tim Cook to Steve Jobs. Someone that excels at the things a product CEO doesn't. Or manage critical aspects of the business he won't have time for. You're someone that will run the company when he's away.

You've probably run a company before or held very top leadership positions at one. You know finance extremely well and love excel sheets. You're very organised and the divisions you've lead run like clockwork. You know how to scale. You're better qualified than the CEO on many areas and will have healthy conflicts and discussions with him to create the very best company possible.

In addition, you will work with the rest of the executive team in a highly collaborative environment on key business, financial, operational routines and special initiatives.You need to be technical, results-oriented, a great team player, and looking to build something incredible with us.





Trust, open-mindedness, curiosity, respect, and fun are just a few of our values in Memory. We are looking for people who understands this culture and will thrive in a team of people passionate about self-improvement, honesty and openness. We strive to be the place where you can be the best version of yourself. We embrace diversity and invite applications from people from all walks of life. We believe people with different backgrounds can create better results together. We want to get our hands dirty and build the next big tech company.

We are looking for extraordinary people to join us. Are you one of them?

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